Padre Geoff Reeder

Heavenly Father, we are gathered to remember and pay tribute to those who have fallen victim to the ravages of battle. We honour them, by our presence, and acknowledge the truth stated by Jesus Christ that, "no one has greater love than this, than to lay down one's life for one's friends".

We not only pay tribute to those who suffered in many and diverse ways as the result of battle. We think of those whose careers were interrupted, whose visions and aspirations were radically altered, and especially do we remember those whose remaining lives were shattered or utterly destroyed.

We do not wish to glorify war, for we know that war is a dark and destructive reality of human life, a chaotic beast that kills and maims, and leaves many emotional and spiritual scars. Yet we also know, that in the darkness and disorder of war many do great things - men and women show courage, they care for their mates, they carry out their arduous duty often at great personal cost - too often the cost of their lives.

And so, Lord, we honour all those who have engaged in battle, and pray for them. For those who have survived we acknowledge the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual wounds many still bear and ask that you lay your loving and healing hand on them. May all our support services meet their every need.

We also pray for their loved ones who share in the conflict, not only in the time of absences and anxiety, but often when the diggers return to live with a matrix of nightmares, anger, confusion, moodiness, tears, and being shunned or rejected by society. Grant them patience and love and may their love play a part in the healing of the spirit of the wounded warriors.

We pray for all those in the armed forces or on deployment overseas. We long for the protection of all of them, but know their work is dangerous. Grant them your peace as they carry out their duties.

We ask you to banish from our hearts the spirit that makes for war; remove all causes and occasions of conflict, particularly on the Korean Peninsular; direct us and our enemies to moderation; restoring peace among the nations. May our society not ignore, nor treat your Son Jesus Christ with contempt. Father, give us success in preserving the peace we have enjoyed in the past, so that our descendants might enjoy Australia and your world in the future.   Amen



Almighty God, look graciously upon our country, upon this place and neighbourhood in which we live; and give wisdom to those who exercise authority among us in Church and State, in education and industry, that we may be led in the ways of justice, truth, freedom and peace....And the Blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be with us all evermore.     Amen.


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