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The sub-branch regards itself as having a custodian's role for the various War Memorials in the district and is always consulted by Brisbane City Council when decisions are needed. The main local memorials are as follows:

Plaques to Remember and Honour the Fallen of All Australian Conflicts

On ANZAC Day 2017 an ‘All Conflicts’ plaque to remember and honour the fallen of all Australian conflicts were unveiled and dedicated at four local sites.  These were on the three WW1 Memorials in Keating Park, Indooroopilly, in Graceville Memorial Park, and in Bannerman Oxley and the fourth was on the Croll Memorial Precinct Wall at the sub-branch headquarters at 2 Clewley St Corinda.  A report on the project to create this unique plaque, and an image of the plaque, can be viewed HERE.

Schools ANZAC Centenary Project 2014 - 2018

Described below are the three World War One Memorials in local council parks.  These Memorials show the names of 83 young men and one young woman from this part of South West Brisbane who gave their lives in ‘The Great War’.  As part of the Commonwealth Government’s ANZAC Centenary, Sherwood Indooroopilly mounted a project to research and publish the stories of the local young people who gave their lives for our future during the ‘Great War’. Federal funds were sought and successfully obtained. The 84 stories with other supporting material have been made publicly available as an e-book on the sub-branch website which was launched at the ANZAC Centenary Community March at Graceville Memorial Park on Remembrance Day 2018. The Final Project Report can be viewed HERE.  Click on "E-Book etc" in left menu to view the entire E-book.

The Croll Memorial Precinct

Colonel D. G. (Gifford) Croll, CBE, VD, mid, MB (Syd), (1885-1948), served in both World Wars, was an eminent Queensland doctor-soldier, and a staunch supporter of the RSL.  

The importance of Dr and Mrs Croll to Sherwood Indooroopilly RSL Sub-branch, to the local community generally and to the wider Brisbane medical community is set out in a dissertation delivered  by Major General John Pearn, AM, RFD on the occasion of the dedication of the Memorial Wall in the The Croll Memorial Precinct on 4 August 2006.  It can be found HERE.

In World War One, Colonel Croll commanded the No. 2 Light Horse Field Ambulance and later served as ADMS of the ANZAC Mounted Division.  In World War Two, he commanded both the 112th Australian General Hospital and the 101st Australian Convalescent Depot.  

Dr and Mrs Croll bequeathed their Sherwood family home and surgery to the Sherwood sub-branch in 1954. The building became the sub-branch headquarters and was dedicated as The Croll Memorial Centre. In 1967 this name transferred with the sub-branch to new premises at Corinda.  

From 6 August 2006, after various changes over the years as the sub-branch altered its property, the Croll name attaches to the site in front of The Harry Dalziel VC Centre, this site being now designated The Croll Memorial Precinct and the Croll Memorial Wallo was inveiled on 19 July 2017.  Photographs of the ceremony may be viewed HERE.

Graceville War Memorial

On 9 November 1920, the Graceville War Memorial was unveiled in Graceville Memorial Park by Lt Eric Maurice Little, mid, of Corinda, a blind and maimed hero of the war.  Mr Little was the founding president of the Sherwood RSL Sub-branch. The copper honour scroll on the northern face of the memorial contains the names of 51 fallen World War One soldiers and one sister from the Sherwood Shire.  Subsequent plaques commemorating soldiers killed during World War 2, Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam have been added to the east and west faces.

On 9th November 1920, 52 memorial trees of Bunya Pine and Cotton Tree were planted along the length of Plumridge St and along Appel St (then called Graceville Parade) to the Croquet Club.

Indooroopilly War Memorial in Keating Park

Keating ParkThe Indooroopilly War Memorial, erected in1920 to commemorate those of the Indooroopilly District who had served, and those who had died in World War I (the Great War) was located at the intersection of Station and Westminster Roads. It was unveiled on 26th February 1921, by the governor, Sir Matthew Nathan, KCMG.

A crane knocked over the memorial while trying to avoid a collision with a car on 15 July 1968.

On 14 March 1972 Brisbane City Council decided on a new and safer site for the memorial - an area of land bounded by Coonan Street, Belgrave Road, and Underhill Avenue, which had been severed from Keating Park during recent roadworks. It is presumed that under the circumstances the Council provided the funds, and the relocation eventuated. However the spirit of scrooge was still present, and the gas lantern which originally lit the Memorial, and had been damaged in the crane accident, was not replaced. In 2002 a generous, but anonymous, donor provided the funds and the Council finally replaced the lantern. It was displayed to the public on ANZAC Day 2002. 

The base is composed of three tiers of greystone granite, on which stands a marble block. Above the marble is a headstone of granite, on which sits the lantern. On two sides are small plaques, in remembrance of the Second World War, Korean War, Malayan Emergency, Borneo and Vietnam. The names of the Great War dead face west. Five longitudinal garden beds radiate out from the western aspect of the Memorial, like rays of the sun.

Oxley War Memorial

Oxley MemorialThe Oxley War Memorial in Bannerman Park was erected by public subscription in 1920.  Most strikingly it features a sandstone soldier figure facing west. Identifiably Australian with a slouch hat and 'rising sun' hat badge, the little digger stands at ease with hands resting on his rifle in the reversed arms position. The west face of the dado bears a marble plaque commemorating those associated with of the district who fell in the First World War. Small marble plaques to the north and south faces commemorate involvement in the Second World War (1939-1945); the Korean War (1950-1953); the Malayan Emergency (1950-1960); Borneo; & the Vietnam War (1962-72). Bronze military badges of the Australian Armed Services are fixed to the base of the pedestal.





Berry MacFarlane Memorial

Berry McFarlane Memorial

The Berry MacFarlane Memorial in St Matthew’s Anglican Cemetery,  Sherwood, was erected in July 1902 by friends of Sgt Robert Berry and A/Cpl John MacFarlane of the 5th Queensland Imperial Bushmen who were killed on 4 January 1902 in the last significant battle of the Anglo-Boer War.

Sherwood Shire Roll of Honour

Sherwood Honour BoardSherwood Shire Roll of Honour – those from the then Sherwood Shire who 'answered the Empire’s call’ to World War One.  An impressive honour board, kindly displayed for the sub-branch in Sherwood Services Club.








Tarin Kowt Memorial

Unveiling and Dedication of Tarin Kowt Memorial at Sherwood-Indooroopilly RSL Sub-branch 2 Clewley Street CORINDA on 16th August 2014


On Saturday the 16th of August a bronze rendition of the Tarin Kowt Memorial wall was unveiled and dedicated by Major-General John Cantwell AO.,DSC (Rtd). A ceremonial Guard and catafalque party was provided by the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment. Many of the names of the Australian dead appearing on the wall were combat engineers. When the Australian forces left Tarin Kowt, it was decided to destroy the wall that had been the focal point for many of the memorial services, lest it be used at some future time for Taliban propaganda purposes. There was at the time strong feelings about the destruction of the wall by the Australian forces.


The Sherwood-Indooroopilly RSL Sub-branch had been involved in assisting with the erection of a memorial to Pte Tim Aplin of the 2nd Commando Regiment, at Keating Park,Indooroopilly. We then decided that it would be most appropriate to commission a rendition of the Tarin Kowt wall in bronze that listed all the names of the American, Dutch, French and Australian fallen.


This bronze plaque was unveiled at the service on Saturday the 16th August at the Subbranch. In addition to the members of 2 CER there were representatives from all other units and the RAAF, as well as the Army Band. The flags of Australia, France, the Netherlands and the United States were flown and the four national anthems were played at the conclusion of the service.

The 114 names from the original wall are all listed with the addition of L/Cpl Todd Chidgey who, whilst not at Tarin Kowt at the time of his death, certainly served there and we felt that he deserved to be listed, making a total of 115 names.

Consular Officials and ex-service organisations from all the nations were invited and attended as well as members of the families of the Australian fallen.

This is, to our knowledge, the first replication of the Tarin Kowt memorial wall in Australia. Commander of the 7th Brigade, Brigadier Greg Bilton AO,CSC, and his troops based at Enoggera provided tremendous support in helping us make this ceremony the success it was.

Dunlop Park War Memorial Swimming Pool

Under Construction

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