1. I am directed to Inform you that approval has been given for the admission of your son ………as a Staff Cadet at the Royal College under para 5 (1) of the Regulations for the Royal Military College of Australia.

2. He must be prepared to report here on 14th February 1953 (See Appendix "B" herewith). Travelling warrants for his journey are forwarded herewith.

3. Rates of Pay and Allowances and conditions of service at the Royal Military College are contained in the copy of Military Board Instruction No. 106 of 4th June 1948, which is attached as Appendix "C".

4. An initial outfit of clothing and necessaries will be issued free to each Cadet on arrival at the College. This initial issue will include almost everything he will re quire while at the College. Staff Cadets may bring with them the articles shown In Appendix "A" attached; the cost of any such articles must be defrayed by parents or guardians.

5. All clothing and linen must be clearly marked with name and Initials.

6. Staff Cadets' rooms are supplied with all necessary furniture and bedding. Articles such as cushions and fancy window curtains are not permitted. A few family photographs (to stand on a bookshelf) and a small reading lamp are allowed in rooms. A camera and a musical instrument may also be brought. It is inadvisable for Staff Cadets to bring wireless sets with them.

7. Your son should bring with him a Bible and a Prayer Book.

9. It will be noted from the attached Appendix "C" that pocket money is issued to Cadets and charged to their accounts, It is particularly requested that no other money or supplies should at any time be sent to Staff Cadets by their parents or guardians or any other person without the prior approval of the Commandant. A Staff Cadet in possession of articles or money for which approval has not been obtained Is liable to punishment.

9. As your son will be required to give a statement of his Military Service (if any) in the Junior or Senior Cadets or other branches of the Army, Navy or Air Force, It will be necessary for him to furnish, on arrival here, accurate dates of joining and discharge from units.

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